Transform Your Swim Season: Solar Pool Heating

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Swim for months longer with Security Solar’s solar pool heating systems. We use top-tier equipment to capture the sun’s energy, warming your pool without additional costs. Trust us to provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for extending your swim season.

Professional Solar Pool Heating Installation in Round Rock, TX, Serving Austin, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Extend your swimming season with our top-tier solar pool heating installation. At Security Solar, we bring in industry-leading equipment to warm your pool without any additional energy costs. Our systems are professionally installed, ensuring a lasting investment. With solar pool heating panels capturing the sun’s warmth, your pool can stay up to 15 degrees hotter than non-heated pools. With a 12-year warranty on our installations, you’re assured of a long-lasting solution for enjoying warmer, extended swim sessions.

solar pool heating

Key Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating systems offer a slew of advantages:

  • Extended swimming season: Enjoy your pool for months longer each year.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Warm your pool for free, harnessing the sun’s energy.
  • Eco-friendly solution: Reduce your carbon footprint with this sustainable heating method.

With our solar pool heating services, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your investment with our industry-leading solar pool heating installation.

Experience the Difference Our Team Makes

Switching to solar pool heating provides you with a unique opportunity to make the most of your pool while being environmentally conscious. As part of your journey towards energy efficiency, our solar pool heating solutions play a pivotal role. They ensure that your swimming season is significantly extended without any additional energy costs, adding a sustainable touch to your residence.

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