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Uninterrupted Energy with Solar Backup

Welcome to Security Solar, Round Rock’s leading provider of home battery backup systems. Our cutting-edge solutions offer peace of mind and energy independence to homeowners in and around Round Rock, TX. Whether you’re facing frequent power outages or seeking a sustainable energy alternative, our home battery backup service ensures your lights stay on when you need them the most.

Reliable Home Battery Backup Systems in Round Rock, TX

In an era where energy reliability is crucial, Security Solar specializes in installing high-quality home battery backup and home solar battery backup systems. Our emergency battery backup solutions are not just reliable but also environmentally friendly, harnessing solar power to keep your home running smoothly.


residential house with solar panels

Seamless Solar Integration

Integrating solar panels? Our solar panel rechargeable battery systems are designed to be efficient and durable. As expert solar battery installers, we ensure your rechargeable solar battery seamlessly integrates with your existing solar panels, providing an uninterrupted power supply and reducing your carbon footprint.

Expert Installation and Support

At Security Solar, we pride ourselves on being more than just a solar battery installer. Our team provides comprehensive support, from selecting the right emergency battery backup for your home to professional installation and maintenance. We’re dedicated to delivering top-notch service and ensuring your home’s energy system is efficient and reliable.

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Reliable Backup for Every Home

Experience uninterrupted power in Round Rock, TX with Security Solar’s home battery backup systems. Call (512) 967-6527 for expert solutions.